I fired 10 of them, and only seven managed to hit an 8x8-inch target at 100 yards. It took me three shots to dial it in at the 16-inch plate at 700 yards, and at 800 the best I could do was the big 20-incher. Burris combines two hunting gear essentials into a single unit with the new Signature LRF 10x42 rangefinding binoculars. It may not be as rock- solid as a bag, but its a practical and handy field expedient. In the dry Nevada air, the mild recoil of the small cartridge, further reduced by the Savage MSR, allowed me to see the vapor trail in the scope, and both verify hits and make wind adjustments. This Pacific Tool & Gauge Savage Bolt Head is a precision machined, drop-in replacement part for your Savage 10 or 110 Series rifle. I can see that the move to the turn bolt is saving brass, with a trend toward easier reloading, and is creating an off-the-chart performance level. Product Details. You can also purchase a PTG Blueprinted Action, Replacement Remington 700 1-Piece Bolts, Savage Bolt Heads, or alter a Bolt to accept: 224 Valkyrie, 6.5 Grendel, PPC, 6.5 SPC, 5.7 or any size you need. Cartridge overall length of the Valkyrie is held to 2.26 inches for compatibility with standard ARs. Using a 90-grain Sierra MatchKing bullet (G1 B.C. One 12 round Mag. Single-group champ for the day went to the Federal/Nosler Ballistic Tip load at 0.31 inch, but the prettiest groups and smallest average went to the Federal/Barnes TSX loadincluding a 0.36-inch group. With the range of bullet options from 55 to 95 grains currently, and because Ive been advised a possible 100-grain bullet would soon to be coming to the drawing boards, the lightweight sporter in .224 Valkyrie was adding up to be almost a one-gun-does-it-all system. Items that are in stock will ship within 7 days. Settling down behind the rifle with a retired Navy SEAL spotting for me, I checked my DOPE, dropped off the safety and set the crosshairs dead center. Its a trick I picked up from my friends at FTW Ranch and their SAAM shooting school. Looking for previous installments of our "Behind the Bullet" series? Unless I'm misinformed it is based off a 6.8 Rem. The plus was it only required a barrel ( which was getting changed anyhow) and a new bolt head. This made for an ideal spot-and-stalk coyote rifle, as well as a deadly kill box tool for about a 300-yard square on incoming called dogs. If you are building off a savage, buy a new bolt head. bullets, even if at a lower muzzle velocity. Freight to AK, Yes, the appeal of the Valkyrie is its ability to handle bullet weights that make it a more capable long-range cartridge or put it in deer hunting territory, but I think any .22 centerfire should be able to be used as a varmint rifle for prairie dogs and the likeand varmint shooters crave the terminal performance thin-jacketed bullets provide. Perfect for use in benchrest or F-class competition rifles that fire thousands of round per year, PTG's Savage bolt head is not subject to the quick deterioration or bolt face dishing that Savage factory bolt heads tend to display after a high volume of fire. The action is paired with a stout 22-inch barrel. As previously noted, I shot the AR platform for my introductory year of learning the cartridge. This is something Ive been really trying to find but not many manufactures are making a bolt action .224. The barrel and action are Cerakote finished. Best 224 Valk rifles - ballistics performance data. If not in stock, this item is custom made to order. Still, its not ideal that shooters cant avail themselves of the V-Max, which provides great performance at a good price. I mentioned earlier the rifle was really dirty when I got it, and after the initial cleaning session, I checked the barrel with my Hawkeye borescope. SPC cartridge and so is too large to fit in a 5.56mm magazine, but 6.8 mags work just fine. It was the late winter of 2017 during the writer day (Industry Day at the Range) just prior to the great American Las Vegas Shot Show. The answer to that is not very complicated: Yes, the AR-15 platform took off with the .224 cartridge, and it has done so at a pace well beyond most entry-level cartridges marketed today. Full Details More from this Seller. Open up your AR-15 gas operated rifle, hand gun, or any Bolt-Operated rifle (Hunting, Competition, Tactical, and Long Distance), to accept new modern cartridges that aren't available from the OEM for your firearm. The highest comb is quite narrow at the top, but it was fine for a light-recoiling cartridge like the .224 Valkyrie and didnt cause any discomfort over long sessions. Barrels swap with almost no effort thanks to using a jam nut on the barrel. The MMR Pro comes with one 28-round magazine. values, and it seems that many folks are beginning to consider a 1,000-yard shot a gimme.. The test involved 18 shotssix three-shot groups without cooling or cleaningand this was on top of the previous 10 rounds Id fired during the accuracy test that preceded it. Top Production .224 Valkyrie Bolt-Action Rifles Savage 110 Prairie Hunter. Perfect feeding starts with a perfect . Please refresh the page and try again. Shop Used Guns and Firearms on sale in Cabela's Gun Library. Classified Ad (1000+), Search Full Text of Listings American Buffalo Knife and Tool Co. is adding to its line of Roper Knives with the new Sunset Series Tumble Weed. .224 Valkyrie The .224 Valkyrie wasn't asked to fill a void, yet it did with its creation. While I discovered I had gotten all the copper fouling out, I also found the bore had more machining chatter marks than I think it should. It's light weight handy and easy to shoot out to 200yds with lower cost NV set up like the ATN scopes. Cut a new face on your bolt and if needed clean one up with the, Open up your AR-15 gas operated rifle, hand gun, or any Bolt-Operated rifle (Hunting, Competition, Tactical, and Long Distance), to accept new modern cartridges that aren't available from the OEM for your firearm. Simple enough conversion. Shoot out the back door and no one knows for the better. Contributing Editor for RifleShooter Magazine, Brad Fitzpatrick gives us a review of this modernized version of an iconic favorite. With a push of about a half-yard right for the full-value wind, I sent an American Eagle 75-grain FMJ pill downrange and onto the steel plate. What he said. Read Their Fine Print!! The .224 Valkyrie (r.) is based on the 6.8 SPC and was designed to best the .223 Rem. I reached the far end of the shooting house about an hour later (and by now quite familiar with the long-range steel target at exactly 985 yards), and my eyes settled on a striking bolt-action rifle in a chassis design. Federals 2018 release of the .224 Valkyriejust a year after the release of the .22 Noslershowed the world just how effective a long-range .22 centerfire could be. If that don't work out, I will order a 223/556 bolt face and get in touch with you. You can also purchase a. to accept: 224 Valkyrie, 6.5 Grendel, PPC, 6.5 SPC, 5.7 or any size you need. A knurled thread protector caps things off. The action was a totally reworked (blue-printed) Remington 700-S with a number of detailed modifications from the Remington design, and the bolt was a reworked bolt face, handle and Sako extractor system that was required in a modified receiver from the original .223 Remington action. Single Bushing For Chamber Reamers and Barrel Tools[nopix], Bushing Sets For Chamber Reamers and Barrel Tools[nopix], (SAAMI) Centerfire Pistol & Revolver Headspace Gauges [nopix], (SAAMI) Centerfire Rifle Headspace Gauges [nopix], Shotgun / South American and European Big Bore Headspace Gauges[nopix], 2 Flute - Single End Square Carbide Mill Cutters[nopix], 2 Flute - Double End Square Carbide Mill Cutters[nopix], 2 Flute - Single End Ball Nose Carbide Mill Cutters[nopix], 2 Flute - Double End Ball Nose Carbide Mill Cutters[nopix], 4 Flute - Single End Square Carbide Mill Cutters[nopix], 4 Flute - Double End Square Carbide Mill Cutters[nopix], 4 Flute - Single End Ball Nose Carbide Mill Cutters[nopix], 4 Flute - Double End Ball Nose Carbide Mill Cutters[nopix], 2 Flute 60 Degree Carbide Drill Mills[nopix], 4 Flute 60 Degree Carbide Drill Mills[nopix], 2 Flute 90 Degree Carbide Drill Mills[nopix], 4 Flute 90 Degree Carbide Drill Mills[nopix], High Speed Steel (HSS) Dovetail Cutter[nopix], Remington Barreled Actions - Actions - Receivers, Remington Short Chambered or Stock Ready Barreled Actions, Remington 700 Actions - Blueprinted & Custom, Single Bushing For Chamber Reamers and Barrel Tools, Bushing Sets For Chamber Reamers and Barrel Tools. You can learn more about the cookies we use and why we use them by viewing our Privacy Policy. As made by Remington the 223 magazine box will not feed the 224 Valkyrie 100% reliably. So when the Valkyrie came out, I waited in hopes of seeing something other than a gas gun. However, youll note the Nosler Ballistic Tip Varmint bullet shot really well, and I didnt get to test every factory load in existence, so all is not lost. Show Only Non-Guns. Copyright 2023 Grizzly Industrial, Inc. Sign up to receive Grizzly.comemails and specials. Because the .224 Valkyrie isnt exactly a speed-burner, it seems it would have to be a twist-rate issue. My sample arrive with a pull of one pound, 14 ounces and exhibited excellent consistency. Fits: All right handed short action Savage 10-16 Series bolt action centerfire rifles in 223 Rem bolt face with small diameter firing pin hole. By comparison, a heavy 77-grain .223 has a 519-inch drop and 156-inch drift. 300blk in a bolt gun. Magazine capacity is 25 cartridges. For the hunter, the 90-grain Fusion bullet at the same 2700 fps as the target load, making the .224 Valkyrie a perfectly viable deer and antelope cartridge. Factory NO Credit Card Fees Like the Other Guys!! But given that premise, there have been a large number of bolt action builders who have tried this cartridge in bolt action rifles just because they can, the same as testing bolt action cartridges in AR platforms. Quantity: Add to Cart It retains the familiar bolt shroud, the gas-blocking lugs behind the twin locking lugs and the sliding two-position tang safety that locks the bolt on Safe. After verifying zero at the 100-yard target, we dialed for the 890-yard steel plate. Factory Part # T22LR FREE SHI NO Credit Card Fees Like the Other Guys!! Its basically an aluminum skeleton that runs from the mag well forward to near the fore-end tipproviding a ton of stability while adding only a few ounces to Savages standard synthetic stock. Cloudflare Ray ID: 7c0ca7fc2e4f99c0 On top of that, it boasts all Savages accuracy-enhancing features, including Accufit adjustable stock, AccuStock internal chassis system and AccuTrigger adjustable trigger. But, inside of 500 yards or so, the .223 Remington will give performance so close that it may be unnoticeable, at a fraction of the cost; though the American Eagle FMJ load for the Valkyrie is priced attractively. If the rifle shoots well, I might add custom paint and metal coatings in a Desert Tan camo pattern. Print. In all respects, this .224 Valkyrie is a one-of-a-kind custom build, but it also represents what can be done in terms of designing a high-quality rifle by way of some creative design applications. Mag. Five rounds later, and Id not recorded a single miss. I compared the Prairie Hunter bore to my Savage 116 in .300 Win. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. Please include what you were doing when this page came up and the Cloudflare Ray ID found at the bottom of this page. Be Advised: Bolts may need to be fitted to receiver. Built on the renowned MPA BA Chassis, the rifle has an absolute granite foundation for repeatable accuracy. At the Boulder City Rifle Rangewhere the event is held each yearI waited my turn to have a whirl with the new cartridge. JHP Ammunition .357Sig 29407 AT COST!! . The bolt locking-lugs will likely need to be trued to your receiver; a gunsmith would be required. By mwells72774 in forum Axis Series Rifles, By rfhall11 in forum Other Savage Centerfire Models, By bearcatrp in forum Other Savage Centerfire Models, By Texas10 in forum Ammunition & Reloading, By chuckhammer in forum 110-Series Rifles, If this is your first visit, be sure to Its parent case is the 6.8 SPC which was based off the .30 Remington cartridge. I did end up reforming the Remington magazine box in order to get 100% reliable feeding with the Valkyrie cartridge. Is it possible to build an AT-X in .224 Valkyrie using a factory action? Its built on Savages renowned 110 action, and while an action is an action for the most part, this one has some tricks up its sleeve. Savage calls it a sporter beavertail, and its got a flat bottom and has two swivel studs so you can slap a sling on it to carry the gun while being able to have a bipod mounted at the same time. Thus Savage was in at the ground floor of its development and understands the Valkyrie inside out. NIB Colt 45 General George S. Patton American Historical Foundation, Colt Government Series 80 - 1911, CHERRY GRIPS, vintage firearms inc, Spencer Carbine- Company C, 1st Regiment, NY CAVALRY, vintage firearms inc, Sharps Carbine New Model 1863 - 3 GROOVE MIRROR BORE, vintage firearms inc, Charles Boswell 20 Gauge Side by Side London Shotgun VERY NICE with Fitted Case, Taurus 82 .38spl +P 2-820041 Blued 4" NIB 6-Shot Model M82 .38 Special. Pulling the recoil pad/spacer also provides access to change comb heights. From there its mated with a Curtis Custom Axiom Action and Spencer/MPA barrel, topped off with a Trigger Tech Trigger, giving you an top-of-the-line precision system. You must log in or register to reply here. The modern trend of cartridge development in which the case is shortened in order to utilize the high ballistic coefficient bullets may very well be epitomized in the .224 Valkyrie. RifleShooter Magazine editor Scott Rupp breaks down all the features of the Mossberg Patriot Predator rifle chambered in 6.5 PRC. It averaged 0.98 m.o.a. JavaScript is disabled. Why does this matter? It does prevent a direct line to the bore for cleaning. I found that inserting the back portion first, then pushing up firmly in the center produced the best results, but I did fail to get it in there correctly several times even after I figured out the trick. Well, I can change the bolt head so I guess the next question would be what caliber action to start with-I'm guessing 243/7-08/308 would work? The point is that a .224 bolt-action Valkyrie might be as close as your gun safes door. August 07, 2019 - WESTFIELD, Massachusetts - August 7, 2019 - Savage is excited to launch its new 110 Prairie Hunter, a precision bolt-action 110 platform rifle built for the cartridge that rewrote the rules of ballistics. Bolt Parts. .224 Valkyrie Rifle: Building A Small Bore Precision Bolt-Action, First Look: Springfield Armory To Introduce Three New SAINT Pistols, Lever-Action Shotgun: Past, Present And Future, First Look: Riton Optics 3 PRIMAL 3-1850 Riflescope, First Look: Vortex Razor HD 4000 GB Ballistic Laser Rangefinder, Best AR-15 Accessories And Upgrades (2023). Same thing with the 300 blk in a bolt gun. This is based on observation, not quantifiable data, so take it for what its worth. Savage Bolt Head .223 SA RH RP Silver at Grizzly.com Gunsmithing & Shooting > Miscellaneous Gunsmithing Accessories Item# T10790 Model# SBHSA01 Pacific Tool & Gauge T10790 - Savage Bolt Head .223 SA RH RP Silver View (1) Reviews $ 82 25 There is also a 78-grain Barnes TSX loadnew for 2019which should prove to be a good choice for hunting. All RifleShooter subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. Super quiet night time critter getter. Shop handguns, rifles & shotguns from top brands and save! UT9M Mini-Made in Turkey.9mm Semi-auto. The twist rate of the Valkyries barrel is a huge part of the equation; a 1:7 twist rate will properly stabilize those 90-grain bullets, yet the .22-250 and .220 Swift use a twist rate of 1:12, which will stabilize the 55- and sometimes 60-grain bullets at best. The 224 Valkyrie in a bolt gun just doesn't make much sense. Extras! Copper fouling. This Listing is for One Factory Brand New in the Box Taurus Model 82 6-Shot .38 Special +P Revolver with 4" Barrel NO Credit Card Fees Like the Other Guys!! When the .224 Valkyrie arrived on the scene, I understood why everyone was so jazzed about the latest attempt to outdo the tried-and-true .223 Rem. Alex Pro Firearms DMR .224 Valkyrie 18" AR15 . 9mm Semi-autoManufacturer: UTAS Defense- TURKEY.Case with 33 Round Mag, Compensator, and Sights in Box. Q LLC MINIFIX224VAL22IN Mini Fix 224 Valkyrie 22" 10+1 Black Folding Stock. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. This is the 2nd Edition, 1st copy of the Famous General George S. Patton SAA Colt. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. The MSR 15 Valkyrie was built from Savage's popular MSR 15 Recon design, but chambered to take . The rimless case functions perfectly in the 6.8 SPC magazines for the AR-15 platform, and the overall cartridge length of 2.260 inches coincides with that magazine dimension. Fa NO Credit Card Fees Like the Other Guys!! LRN T22LR .22 LR Ammunition FREE SHIPPING, Ruger 1022 .22LR Takedown Stainless Synthetic 18.5" 10+1 11100 NIB w4 MAGS, 2-Pack Colt Government Model Commander 8 Round .45acp Magazines Blued Steel. Read Their Fine Print!! In this case I had a Bushnell Nitro 4-16x44mm scope with a 30mm tube installed on the rail in Tasco low mounts, and I went with the highest comb module. Product Details. PTG Bolt Head Savage 10 Series Short Action PPC Bolt Face Right Hand Gun Parts / Rifle Parts / Bolt Parts PTG Bolt Head Savage 10 Series Short Action PPC Bolt Face Right Hand Product #: 218143 Manufacturer #: SAVBLTPPCRH Our Price: $99.99 Ships tomorrow from MidwayUSA When will it arrive? CZ USA 07402 600 Alpha 24" Blued Black Poylmer Stock. Chambered for the inexpensive and fun to shoot 22 long rifle. Savage's 110 Prairie Hunter unleashes the full power and accuracy of 224 Valkyrie on varmints and predators everywhere. Auction (252) Also of Interest: Spring Adventure Sale; Kimber Hunter Bolt-Action Rifle - .243 Winchester - 22" Ruger American Rifle Standard Bolt-Action Rifle; Rimfire Rifles `` The lighter loads are smartly designed for the predator hunter; theyre sandwiched between .223 and .22-250 as far as performance goes, and thats not a bad place to be. But in this case, the ejection port is semi-enclosed, which increases action stiffness and also the chances the rifle will be accurate. (if allowed in your S NO Credit Card Fees Like the Other Guys!! The result is a drastic reduction in primer flow and case head rounding over time. Further, my limited testing at 200 yards a week later seemed to indicate this bore actually likes being a little fouled, as the first groups out of a squeaky clean barrel were not as good as subsequent groups. Like the .224 Valkyrie. Brand: Savage. Walther 1911 Rail Gun 22 LR NOS. 10% Off Its interesting to note that of the professional hunters with whom I tend to hang around, all of them are shooting bolt-action rifles with cartridge chambering in factory and wildcat loads that fit the predator rifle requirements. Savage also supplies different lengths of screws to accommodate the different spacers, and a handy guide describes which screws go with which spacers. This rifle is caliber .52 rimfire utilizing the Spencer N Chambered in 9mm Luger the G43X features a compact Slimline frame with a black slide with an nDLC finish. We're sorry, midwayusa.com requires JavaScript and it appears to be disabled. Later, I found that the rifle took a special liking to Hornady 88-grain ELD Match ammunition as well, and the one-hole groups were showing up once again. Precision Machined Savage Series 10/110 Bolt Heads, The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. This accuracy level was by way of standard, over-the-counter Federal Fusion ammunition. | I was face to face with Stuart Satterlee and surrounded by old, German-built laths, tooling and CMC equipment with which Satterlee turned out his masterpiece-quality rifles. No more so than when it comes to the Valkyrie. Stock Parts. Mossberg 28025 MVP Precision Bolt 224 Valkyrie 20" 10+1 Black 6-Position Adjustable Luth-AR MBA-3 w . Savage has a prairie hunter and Mossberg released several options in their MVP series. UTAS UT9-M Mini -NEW ITEM! Please note that we DO NOT manufacture or sell extractor kits for our Savage bolts. If you are building off a remington or "clone" you will need a PTG bolt with the correct bolt face. food defense training for employees powerpoint, are tohatsu and mercury parts interchangeable,
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